DPD Update

DPD Update

The recent industrial action involving Royal Mail has significantly impacted our entire industry, and as the number of strike days has increased so too has the unprecedented demand for our services.

We have planned meticulously for this peak but are now faced with a significant hike in demand. As a result, we are looking to implement every measure available to us to ensure continuity of service for all our customers.

One of these measures, unfortunately, is that we will need to introduce a limit to the number of parcels you send with us from Monday 19 December.


We only have the following number of slots for DPD next week

Monday 19th Dec, 26 parcels
Tuesday 20th Dec, 37 parcels
Wednesday 21st Dec, 26 parcels

Once these slots have gone they will be rolled over to the next day and queued in time order. Thank you

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